Woogie Foods of Asheville, NC

Woogie Foods is proud to announce our Craft Brewed Beer Mustard and co-labeling program.

The purpose of this program is to provide a version of Woogie’s Beer Mustard & Dippin' Sauce using a Craft Brewer’s beer in our recipe for use and sale in their establishment. Many Brew Pubs offer only simple bar snacks or those amazing soft pretzels like those made by Scotts Knotts here in Asheville. And nothing goes better with pretzels than our Beer Mustard & Dippin' Sauce.

Here in Beer City Asheville, beer tourism is a significant portion of our local economy. And why not! We have the best water around and there is nothing better than stopping in for a cold one after a day of enjoying the many outdoor activities that abound in our area. I'm constantly amazed to meet folks from all around the country and beyond that say that one of the reasons they chose Asheville as a vacation destination is our unique and diversified Craft Breweries. Now they can take home more than just a T-shirt!

 The basics of our Craft Brewed Beer Mustard and co-labeling program:

1) A “batch” would be 5 gallons of product in various configurations of 1/2 gallon jugs and 8 oz. jars.

2) 1-2 micro batches would be made to determine which beer is to be used.
3) Woogie Foods would purchase the beer from the brewer in growler quantities.

4) Brewer would be responsible for providing a 2” round label to go on the lids.
5) Labels would be applied by Woogie Foods prior to security seals.

​6) Product delivered with a Certificate of Authenticity and serving squeeze bottle.

For more information or to schedule and appointment, please use the Contact page and send us an email request.