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News from Woogie Foods

Happy 2018 to all our fans and those to come!

Just wanted to say that we had an awesome time at the Flavors of Carolina food show. Woogie's was quite a hit with all that sampled. We're very hopeful that Woogie's Beer Mustards will be coming to a location near you this year. And if you live or visit the Outer Banks, be sure to stop in at Tommy's Natural Foods Market & Wine Shop in Duck, NC and tell Lucinda and Stuart that Woogie sent ya!

We welcome the Pot Pie Shop in Woodfin, NC to the Woogie family. If you love comfort food, you will find no better place for it, along with some awesome soft pretzels.  Say "hey" to Laurie and tell her Woogie sent ya!

Red Curry - Red Curry! The Red Curry Beer Mustard is finally here! The inaugural production run happened on January 6th, 2018 and it is Awesome! Look for it where ever you find the original Beer Mustard & Dippin' Sauce.

Woogie goes to Atlanta....We just completed our first Gourmet Food Show in Atlanta at the AmericasMart with our distributor Blue Mountain Distributors.  As hoped, a big hit! Looking forward to adding to our Where's Woogie list soon! 

Flavors of Carolina Food Show....Woogie's will be at this years' exclusive event on March 27th. For all of you outside our local region, we will be working hard to bring your favorite Beer Mustard Sauce to a store near you. (but you can always pester your local grocer in the mean-time!)

Flavors Report: What an awesome show! Thanks to all the buyers who came by our booth and sampled. Looking forward to with all to bring Woogie's to a store near you. We'll keep you posted!

Woogie (woo’ ji) has been making her beer mustard since the time of the Apollo moon landings. We use it as a sandwich spread, dippin’ sauce, marinade, grillin' sauce and so much more. For many  years we have given it to our friends and neighbors as a holiday gift basket with cheese, summer sausage, crackers or pretzels, and has always been jealously received. They would bring their jars back for refill every year and once, when a newcomer was visiting while I was making a batch, humorously told her...“hey, gityerownjar”! If history has taught me anything, it's that you will love this mustard as much we do.  Enjoy!

Woogie’s Beer Mustard & Dippin’ Sauce is a creamy, sweet/hot traditionally cooked mustard that is produced here in Asheville, North Carolina. It is made with the finest spices, pure cane sugar, distilled vinegar, pasteurized whole eggs and one of Asheville’s finest craft brewed beer - Highland Brewing Company's Oatmeal Porter.

Woogie’s Red Curry Beer Mustard (Released January 2018) is based on our original recipe and incorporates a southern Indian Madrass red curry spice blend. This spice blend produces a savory and not too hot flavor that is amazing in all sorts of applications (just like the original!) 

Please see our Ideas page for an on-going list of how people have used this mustard sauce. In the future we hope to include full recipes from our test kitchen and those submitted by fans.