Woogie Foods of Asheville, NC

Our Story

When his customer, who had taken a bit too much in one bite, exclaimed “whoooo jeeeez! That’s the stuff” , Dad said he almost spit out his tea! After hardy laughs and a fine dinner, he was presented with the recipe to take home. It has been a staple in our refrigerator ever since.

“So what’s a wogie ?( whoa-ghee)” our cousin once asked. “Well, dear, it’s Woogie” (Woo' ji!) her mom said, “.. that’s your aunts nickname cause’ our l’il brother couldn’t say Mary Lou when we were growing up”. And the name just stuck!

The story behind Woogie’s Beer Mustard ‘n Dippin’ Sauce has an odd tie-in. Quite some years ago, Dad returned from a sales trip with a recipe for a mustard sauce. He had been invited to a customer’s home for dinner one night and was introduced to a wonderful, sweet and hot mustard that was served with summer sausage and cheese, then as a side with pork chops.


For nearly 30 years or so, I've been making this mustard myself. It wasn't until mid-2014 with encouragement from some of my closest friends, that I decided to try and make this available to more than just those lucky few who happened to be my neighbor or new friends as I moved around the country. So I set up a test facility and started experimenting with making it in larger batches. ( Doing this on a stove top just wasn't going to cut it! ) Working with the awesome folks at Blue Ridge Food Ventures, we've grown from initial 5 gallon batches to our current production levels. You'll find our 8 oz. jars in a refrigerated section of stores (see Where's Woogie). For restaurants, we offer half-gallon containers in natural plastic jugs.

If you are already a fan, thank you and be sure to send us your thoughts and recipe ideas. If you haven't had a chance to try Woogie's, please visit us at one of our tailgate markets, a Taste of Local event with Ingles Markets or catch us at a product demo in one of the local retailers. If you are unlucky enough to live somewhere other than the Asheville area,...bummer!!!, but we can get some to you if you'll contact us

Jim Brooks (aka Woogieson)
Woogie Foods, LLC.
Asheville, NC