Forget the other stuff, use this with your egg rolls!

We tried it in our salmon cakes. Yummy!

Try it as a glaze on salmon, bake at 400 for about 12 min.

It's amazing in deviled eggs!

Peel and devein shrimp, dry well, dust with a little cornstarch and toss with Woogie's. Grill over hot coals then toss with just a bit more!

Marinade chicken or pork tenderloin overnight and grill. Be sure to brush on some extra!


This is my spread for chicken, pork chops, salmon, whatever.
Like I said, you’ll just have to guess at the measurements….
1 part Woogie’s mustard
1 to 2 parts good mayo (Duke’s is the best, in my opinion)
Enough Parmesan cheese to make it a grainy paste, let’s say 3 parts
Spread GENEROUSLY over your chosen protein (no flesh showing through)
Sprinkle with Kikkoman brand (yes, it really is better than the others) Panko bread crumbs.
Bake at 425 degrees for 10-15 minutes depending on thickness of meat, type, etc.
Sadly, a lot of times people overcook meat because they are afraid of undercooking it. Thankfully this recipe is very forgiving. But better yet, use a meat thermometer and take it out of the oven 5 degrees before it’s done to let it finish on its own for tender and juicy perfection!


Here's a couple of recipes: 1. Cream Cheese, diced onion, red peppers, garlic and Woogie's. Mix together and put on toasted bagels, english muffins, corn bread and home made, crusty french bread. 2. Add to coleslaw and potato salad, egg salad, tuna salad. 3. Mix with a raspberry vignette and dress a salad. 4. Grilled cheese with fresh onion, tomato and Woogie's 5. Great on veggie burgers and hot dogs. Great dip for veggie 'chicken' nuggets. 6. Mix with plain yogurt for a veggie dip. 7. Eat it with a spoon! :-) Thank you for making such a great product! I am not a big mustard lover. Woogie's Beer Mustard & Dippin' Sauce is BETTER than any other mustard product that I have tried. Gerry !

Your grilled cheese sandwich will never be the same. Also, I've used it as a base on a pizza! Sun dried tomatoes, goat cheese, grilled red onion and arugula.

use it as a base for your salad dressing.

Here are some of the ways that we and others have used Woogie's Beer Mustard. Please let us know your ideas as well. Just send an email from the Contact page.

Janis' Chicken/Turkey Salad

3 C. Chicken or Turkey, diced

1 C. Craisins

1 C. Chopped Pecans

(I use a food processor to cut up/blend the above but don't mutilate it!)

1 Apple diced small

1/4 C. Woogie's Red Curry Beer Mustard

1 C. Mayo

Salt & Pepper to taste


Dice tomato, cucumber and avocado, dash of salt and some Woogie's. Serve over salad greens or with tortilla chips!

Veggie Curry - Chef Mike

Med dice 1 jumbo yellow onion 2 peeled russet potatoes 2 peeled granny Smith apples Toss in curry powder or garam masala blend with salt to taste in warm Coconut oil. Roast in pre heated 375 degree oven 20 to 30 min. Heat 1/2 cup of heavy cream and I can Coconut milk in a large sauce pan reduce by half add 1/2 jar of Woogies red curry mustard. Simmer then add roasted ingredients. Serve with Jasmine, basmati or another fragrant rice, I like to add 2 TBS Coconut oil to rice while cooking. Scallion and toasted cashew are a nice garnish

We met at the Farmers Market on Wednesday. It is now Thursday and my jar is empty !!! It is simply delicious. I cooked some Fahitas, so they were crisp, which my friends dipped in the sqauce and added a chunk of swiss cheese and a small cherry on top with a toothpick. all I heard was hmmm. I also put out some chunks of honey baked ham, which was also dipped in it. I used a bit in my devil eggs and potato salad. You are both so friendly and nice, I wish you the very best in your new business. You have a great success on your hands ! Tricia 

Woogie Foods of Asheville, NC